Saturday, December 15, 2007

Things I learned while in NY:

- Don't let Jim drive or give directions, not matter how much he claims he knows his way.
- Don't make excuses, and don't hold back.
- Tuaca Bombs are really yummy!
- Everyone in NY is warm and welcoming.
- Travel with Dale, he gets upgrades at the Holiday Inn!
- Salted roads and sidewalks leave your jeans with salt stains, but don't worry they wash out.
- Jim has very cute, nice, flirty friends.
- Zach's favorite color is olive green.
- Ithaca is colder than Binghamton.
- Apple Cherry wine is a drier wine.
- There are large dairies in other states.
- 3 people do not fit comfortably in the 3rd row of a Susuki small SUV.
- Slipper or heels, if you're outside, you're gonna be cold.
- Food and drinks are cheaper in NY.
- New England style clam chowder tastes the same on both sides of the country.
- I have "great lips" (at that's a quote).
- You're body metabolized faster when it's cold because it's using more energy to keep warm, which equals weight loss even when you're not watching what you eat.

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