Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Movies I've Seen in 2008: January

Enchanted (theater) - Gotta love Disney movies! I liked this one, probably because I wish to be a princess and have my Prince Charming come after me. And most of the time I live in a fairytale world (mind). Highly recommend this movie for the Chic Flick viewers and little girls.

Knocked Up
(DVD) - Ok, so I bought this movie after Christmas with a gift card that I got as a gift. This movie was HILARIOUS! Loved it! Vulgarness and all. I swear, the f word wasn't written into the script, but the actors were just told to use it whenever it fit as much as possible. I don't recommend watching with young children or your parents, neither of which I did.

P.S. I Love You (theater) - GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! I read the book about a year ago, and I cried. I heard that a movie was being made out of the book and I was so happy. P.S. I Love You is hard to explain on the reason for the sobbing, just watch it. You'll totally understand. It's one of those happy, sad movies.

Shrek 3 (DVD)- You know, it was cute, but I was kinda disappointed in it. I like the first 2 Shrek movies better.

Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) - Love this triology! Good movie. I really enjoyed it. Although, it's been awhile since I saw the first 2 movies so I felt a little lost. I think I need to watch all three in succession.

I'm horrible about going to the movies. I always claim that I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD, which just about never happens. So, this year I'm going to keep track of the movies I've seen, whether in the theater or on DVD (first time viewing only). Maybe if I'm feeling up to it I'll even write my review.

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