Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random thoughts from the past year (or so)

Krista, I promised. Now I deliver. So here are my random thoughts (and facts)...

1. A lot can happen in a year.
2. A lot can happen in an hour.
3. Traveling is the best.
Except for the actual time it takes to travel to and fro, that's not always so fun.
Especially when there are delays or long lay overs.
4. For once, I don't have a crush...
5. And I'm not going to settle.
This means I’m learning to be content with myself and growing as an individual.
6. Communication only works if both people are doing it.
I'm not so good at communicating...
7. Dieting is difficult.
This is why it’s better to not diet, but work at life long lifestyle changes.
8. Wow, when did my alcohol tolerance get so high?
9. I was created to be a mother.
Seeing and holding babies make me want one really bad.
10. Adjusting to change is hard.
11. I love my family.
12. Weddings are expensive.
Especially when you're in one.
13. God likes to test me with patience.
A lot.
14. Remodels don't happen over night.
They take time.
Lots of time.
15. The Dog Whisper does not live in my house.
But we'd really like a visit!
16. New York in December is not as cold as I expected.
17. It is not a good idea to plan on doing laundry the same weekend siblings come home from respective colleges.
Yes, a washing machine can wash 3 months of dirty clothes in 2 days.
None of it was mine.
And Mom will tell you to go to the laundry mat.
18. The same people pick you up when you fall time and time again.
And because of this, you love and value those people dearly.
19. Over the course of 2007, I lost 5 pounds.
And in a single holiday season, I gained 6 pounds.
You’re smart. Do the math.
20. I’m sad because I didn’t make it up to the lake this year.
21. I love dessert.
But dessert doesn’t love me.
It’s a love hate relationship.
22. Sometimes I stink at being a friend.
23. You can’t dwell on the past, but you can look forward to the future.
24. God’s love has no boundaries.
Therefore, quit looking for them. Just accept it and love Him back.
25. Find an appliance store going out of business and buy your appliances that way.
Same appliance and a regular store, just less expensive.
26. It’s hard to find the perfect balance.
Of anything.
27. Swimming, or lounging, is best when done with a friend.
28. Paying off a large bulk of your car feels good.
More so, knowing that in 2008 it will be paid off.
Earlier than planned!
29. I don’t like being alone.
But sometimes it’s necessary.
30. Somebody needs to make Britney Spears move far, far away where paparazzi does not live.
She will eventually find herself.
And maybe learn to live a normal life.
31. Fame does not equal happiness.
32. Chris is the last Montague to pass on the name.
I fear for my family’s legacy.
Not really, I love my brother.
33. At some point I have to stop studying and start doing.
34. People who pay attention know where you've been when you haven't been around.
35. It’s hard growing up.
And growing older.
36. Pictures are worth a thousand words. But the experience is where all the memories are.
37. It’s hard to get 4 dogs to sit still to take a picture.
But by golly we tried!
And we did not succeed.
38. Buying things for a house you don’t live in yet is fun.
39. Not remembering what is in storage is scary.
40. 2008 will be a great year.
I can just feel it!

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