Thursday, February 7, 2008

Flip this way or that

Today I woke up a little late for work. Not really for work, I made it there on time just fine. But normally in the morning I'll get up at about 6:15am, hop in the shower, then climb back in bed where it is warm and so my hair can air dry some. Well, my first alarm clock, the 6:15 wake up call, didn't go off. In fact, the whole thing lost power. But luckily my second alarm clock, the cell phone set for 7:20, did go off. Drat, I still have to shower, but can't crawl back in bed for a few extra minutes of shut eye. Which also didn't allow for the full amount of time I need to blow dry and straighten my hair. Fortunately, unfortunately, I have naturally wavy hair. So, mousse and gel it is! It's a curly hair day! It's not like I've never done the curly hair look for work. But apparently a gal who works in the same area as my has never see, or noticed, the craziness of it. And she told me the new perm looks good. Blah! Perms are yucky! I would know, I actually (many, many years ago) had my hair permed, numerous times. That's beside the point.

Later in the day I visited the little ladies room and I made an observation. My hair, which when straightened will end up flipping out on the right and under on the left, but when curly apparently flips out on the left and under on the right. What's up with that?

Sorry, I have no photos as an example. You'll just have to visualize.

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