Thursday, March 27, 2008

House and Life Update

Tiling started today. Time to pause on painting trim, and start painting cabinets so they can be installed. I think dad decided on spraying the cabinets inside and out. So, I have to go get paint for the outside and sealer for the inside tonight. I'm thinking of painting til it's dark then going to lowe's, since they're open later than Kelly Moore. Although, the paint color is at Kelly Moore.... I better go to Kelly Moore. I also need to go to Target to get Allie's b-day present. I REALLY want to get my TV before they are off sale again, so I gotta go do that too. I need to go to Costco to get the wall mount, but that can wait; but it's probably better to get it now too. I also need to fill my glasses and contact prescription at the Optical area. I need to find out from Jenn how important it is for me to be at her bridal shower on Saturday, I'd much rather paint and get ahead of the game. Izzie had a vet appointment at 2:15 for her scratchy, itching problem.

I need 5 more hours in a day, and a 15 minute power nap. Oh, and a cloned version of me to sit at my desk and type "aljd;afj;lkjaksdljf;leij" all day to make it look like I'm busy and getting stuff done. And maybe 4 more arms would be nice, ones that stretch.

Wow I could really get the painting done then!

Time to leave work and get my real day started.

Did I mention that I'm also house sitting right now? Well, I am. For wealthy, family friends that are in Brazil on a missions trip. Must be nice! Oh well, I'll be paid in the end.

Love to you all!

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