Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walk this Way!

Just don't walk on the floor yet!
Look at the pretty floor! I took the picture standing outside the front door. That's where I'm confined to when I go to the house, the front door or the back door. And that's the only places I can go until Tuesday. That's right, I can't go in until Tuesday. Yesterday was the stain. Today is a varnish sealer. Friday is a varnish sealer. Monday is a varnish sealer. That would be 1 layer of stain and 3 layers of varnish. Yep, I passed 1st grade, only took me 2 tries.

So no painting for me this weekend. At least, no painting walls and trim. I have chairs to paint. 2 more to be exact. Then cushion covers to put on them.

(I apologize for the not-so-great quality of the picture. My camera was in my purse, in the car. I had my cell phone with a camera. I was being lazy and didn't walk the 20 feet across the street to get my camera.)

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