Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know... I'm full of promises!

Finally I'm going to come through though. So this is how the house looks today, this evening, May 6th, whatever; the point is, I took the pictures just a few hours ago.

*Oops! Really, I took them yesterday. Today is now May 7th.*

Ok, here we go...!

Ooohhhh...pretty flowers... Notice the railing?

Now doesn't that look like a cute little house now? So, let's go inside!

I've got a joke for you. Me: Knock, knock. You: Who's there? Me: I eat mop. You:... well, you can figure it out...

The living room... Watch your step. It's a little messy right now.

The dining room... It's a little messy in here too.

The back bedroom... Yep, still messy.

The kitchen...

The utility closet... Yea, I know, the ugly doors are still there.

The front room... Nope, no bed yet, but the bed frame is put together.

Stay tuned. More to come later.

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