Wednesday, May 7, 2008

These people got married!

Wedding #3 of 2008

Yea, yea. So they got married almost a month ago on April 19th. So I'm a little behind. But I'm catching up now.

Funny story about this couple, they were both in my brother's class. So they're 4 years younger than me. Melissa taught me how to make espresso drinks when I started working at Hilmar Cheese. We worked together for the next 2 years. After I moved out of the Visitor Center, we regularly had lunch to keep each other caught up with the going ons. Aaron, the little punk he was, would poke fun at me when I'd see him around town. He knew my brother, and looking back, I'm sure it was all in good fun. Aaron also works for Hilmar Cheese, but he transferred to the new plant in Dalhart, Texas almost 2 years ago.

They both looked wonderfully happy on their special day. So in love with one another and ready to start the next chapter in their book.

The cake was beautiful and delicious. It even featured a little bit of "Shimmer shimmer shine shine".

The reception site was very well decorated. Although, I wouldn't expect anything less from Melissa. She's has an eye for detail.

Danny even got the night off from work and got to dress up. (he was a groomsman.) Lookin' sharp Danny!

Hilmar Cheese out did themselves with the food. The presentation was great, as well as the flavors.

Chelsea and Melissa. Two of my favorite VC people.

And then the dancing began. Did you know it's not that easy to take a clear picture when you're dancing?

Congratulations Aaron and Melissa! I wish you all the best in Texas. If I ever make it out there for work, you're the first I'll make aware. And Melissa, call me when you come to California to visit. We'll do lunch!

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