Friday, May 2, 2008

Saved Life

Nope, sorry, not about my own life. Except for the fact that yesterday I save a life. The life of a butterfly. That's right. A butterfly.

Story goes like this, back by the pool pump we, and I use we loosely, have a dove with a nest and two eggs. So I was walking back to check on Ms. Coo-Coo (not crazy coo-coo, but dove sound coo-coo) and her eggs.

On my like walk from the back door to the pool pump I noticed a butterfly flat in the pool floating on top of the water. Poor butterfly.
So I found the pool scoopy thing so I could scoop him up, take a moment of silence, and toss him in the bushes. But as I was carrying the scoopy thing, he started to move! What, he's not dead like I had presumed? So I ever so gently put him on a leaf on the lime tree. He didn't like that, there were no flowers with nectar and he kept trying to climb off the end of a leaf.
So I let him climb on my hand (yes, I had a butterfly on my hand!) so I could find somewhere else to set him so he could rest and regain his strength. But of course, I happen to have my camera on my, I had to take a couple pictures. It's not everyday you save a butterfly's life and then he crawls on your hand.

I then took him to the honeysuckle bush. Lots of flowers and nectar, perfect! I set him down, made sure he was moving around and liked this new setting, and I went about my business.

And I'm happy to inform you, that as of 7:30 this morning he was still there. Although one of his wings is a little injured, he was moving a lot more. I have full confidence that he'll make it.

(I'll try to be cool and play with the pictures on photoshop to make them look "better".)

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