Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've been workin' on the railroad...

I've been working hard. Both at work and at home. Sorry I haven't been visiting with you lately. I've had a couple late nights working on the house. The good news is that I've started to move stuff in! I know, YEAH! The bad news is...there is still painting to do! Boo! Everyday I've made a trip to the storage unit with dad's muscles and his truck. We've gotten all of the big stuff out: the washer and dryer, dining room table and hutch (some minor repairs needed, as well as being sanded and painted), bed frame (I assembled last night), couch and chair (out of bff's garage), and boxes of dishes to be run through the washer before being put away. See off to a good start.

And while I was away last weekend my wonderful, talented father finished the fence and built the railing around the porch. I know, I know. You need pictures! I'm working on it. Well, not really, but I can.

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