Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Life Line

I have an extra appendage. Or a carry on bag. Or a diaper bag, sans the child's gear. Whatever you want to call it. I just carry a big purse. And sometimes this purse collects more than it's intended to. Then I have to dump it out and go through things. So that's what I'm going to share with you. Please note, I did this purse cleaning exercise during work yesterday. Shhh.... don't tell anyone.

My Purse: It's large, yes. But it carries just about everything I need.
Here you will see my camera carrier, which always has my small camera, iPod, and a few accessories for them; and my cosmetic bag, which holds the random lip glosses that I don't use all the time but might need for a later date (re: hardly ever/never).
My wallet. It’s full too. We’ll clean that one out at a later date.
And the reason that I could never find a hair tie, because they were all at the bottom of the purse.
Hand lotion, for my dry hands. This is good stuff!
Trash pile. The empty pill bottle is not mine. They are Izzie’s pills that needed to be refilled. I carried the bottle around as a reminder.
The necessities for fresh breath! The best gum ever, 5 Flare.
Gavin Degraw’s new CD. I need to get that onto my computer and iPod. Must upload tonight!
Pens (and lipstick, oops) from pen pocket. Notice the Tide “pen”, it counts!
Business card holder. You never know when you’ll be at a restaurant that you can drop one in to win lunch!
Keys. Can’t go anywhere without them. Literally!
Lipsticks, glosses, and chapsticks more frequently used. Oh, and American Eagle perfume, a few more hair ties, cell phone, medication.
Entire pile of loot. Notice the stripy thing on the left. Those are the colors I’m doing my living room in. I carry the fabric around with me to match colors. Behind that is a stack of papers. I accidentally deleted the picture, but we’re going to go through the pile together.
The pile all sorted out. Yes, there was stray money in my purse, therefore loose paper. Don't worry, I put it away in my wallet.
Pile of brochures. On the top are business cards for Bonnie’s Kitchen (bride from past weekend’s wedding) and Pozo Valley (cousin’s winery). I highly recommend the Pozo Valley Cab, it's delicious!
Coupon book – a necessity these days; my to-do book – where I keep track of all of my thousands of to-do lists; and my Weight Watchers Dining Out Companion guide – another necessity to know what is ok to eat vs don't even put it in your mouth.
All better. So neat and tidy (somewhat). Don’t worry, in 3 days it’
Thank you for joining me while I clean out my purse. Maybe it's time to down size...
So what's the oddest thing you carry in your purse?

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