Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day of Excitement

I'm all about getting myself presents. And I don't mean, "hey, I'm at Target and need some toothpaste" present; I mean the "it's my birthday/Christmas and I deserve to get myself something nice" present. So a couple weeks ago I did just that.

And you know what I order? Of course you don't. Silly me, you weren't here.

I order myself a Wii Fit. Ok, I know, you're probably asking "why did you order it online instead of picking it up at a store?" Well, this is a hot item folks. Plus I work during normal hours and by the time stores opened and released it, I'd still be at work. And by the time I was out of work, they'd be sold out. So I'll wait a few extra days for it to ship to me.

So coming up, as soon as it gets here, I'll post about my Wii Fit adventures.

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