Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where am I, the Panhandle?

I feel like I'm in Texas. Have I been transferred to the the Dalhart plant without even knowing it? My word has it been windy! We're talking 30 mph all day long.

And of course, you know me, I took pictures. Just a handful though. And I took them while I was leave work yesterday.

Is that fog? No. It's sand. Dust. Dirty grit that is everywhere!

Sand puddle. They are everywhere!

Fields like these are part of the sand storm problem.

Do you see the trees leaning? And that wasn't the worst of it!

I'm tired of the wind, and dust, and sand. I want to be able to see with out getting granules in my eyes and grit in my mouth. When I scratch my head, I don't want want to get sand under my fingernails.

But I've heard that the flip side is it's either predicted to be hot or it's supposed to be nice, but windy.

Which would you choose?

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