Thursday, May 22, 2008

I broke down and did it!

But not without a lot of long decision making.

You see, I fell in love with this machine. It's a Krups Espresso/Coffee maker. I love me a fancy froo froo coffee drink, and I like especially when I make it for myself.

I found this beautiful machine while out shopping for a wedding gift one day quite a few months ago. I himmed and hawwed about it. I really liked it and wanted it, but without knowing how much counter space I would have I knew I shouldn't get it. Oh, and it was $299.99 at BB&B as well as other stores that I saw it.

Then one day while strolling through Lowe's, cause that's where you go when you're remodeling a house, I saw it. It was a little less the the other store, but I still wasn't totally sure.

Some time went by, and I went back to Lowe's with my parents to get house stuff. And there it was again, but this time it was on clearance for $189.99. WOW! Big difference. But still, counter tops weren't in and I wasn't completely sure.

But guess what. Counters are in and I have space. So while out running some errands last night, including stopping at Coldstone's for my free birthday ice cream, I stopped and got my fancy coffee/espresso machine.

So, now I just need to get some beans (coffee and espresso) and some syrups and I'll be all set to make fancy froo froo drinks.

It's a darn good think I know how to make them too.

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