Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Such a Loser!

And being a loser is a good thing! Here’s an update since last time I filled you in on my weight lose.

I meet my goal of losing 10 pounds by Jenn’s wedding, maybe not by my Weight Watcher’s weigh-ins, but by my own scale. I figured that was close enough. My second sub goal of my weight loss goal is to lose another 5 pounds by my class reunion on June 28th. By my own scale, I’m only 1.5 away from that. So I’m sittin’ pretty!

So here’s that chart showing my downward trend to skinnier me. Just as before, I’ve removed the actual weights on the y-axis for my own personal privacy. The dates and weights are based on my Weight Watcher weigh-ins that happens on Mondays.

Please note the most recent day, 6/16 is the new low of the year!

I’m currently down 9.2 from my weight watcher weigh ins. I think I’m doing quite well. I know that every week I won’t have a loss, but if I can just keep those days to a minimum, things will go in the right direction. Literally!Please help keep me motivated, hold me accountable, and slap my hand if I pick up a cheeseburger. Thanks!

Anyone want to be a loser with me?


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Awesome!! Great job!!