Saturday, July 12, 2008

4 Sisters and A Wedding

Six years ago in May, my Aunt Megan got married. Aunt Megan is the youngest of the 4 Arnold girls, and the last one to tie the know. It was a very simple wedding, without fuss, for a 42 year bride.

Guess which one is Megan, the bride...

Despite all of the drama that followed the wedding and the feelings that were hurt between family, she's still my Aunt and I still love her.

In fact, I think that the last time that my Mom and her sisters were all together were at Megan's wedding. The gal in the middle, that's my Great Aunt Dee. She's my Grammy's sister that lives in Minnesota.
It's hard for them all to get together. After the years it took for air to clears and amends to be made there was the distance to factor in. With Aunt Missy in Washington state, Aunt Megan in New Mexico, and my Mom and Aunt Boo in California it's costly to get together. This year though, this year they have plans to all meet up in Las Vegas of long overdue sister bonding and catching up.

Although this trip isn't set to happen until October, I pray that their time is fruitful and fulfilling. I pray that they will live it up and let their hair down. I pray that they will deeply bond and have a renewed sense of sisterhood.

Lastly, I pray that such a tiff will never happen between my siblings and I losing so much time in each others lives and the lives of their families.

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Anonymous said...

Word. <3 your wishy washy sister