Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Favorite Class

I an a Cal Poly graduate. Woot woot! With a degree in Agribusiness. Woot, woot! And one of my major's requirements were to take so many units in ag electives. I think it was 16 units. Those units could be from any class (with a few exceptions) within the College of Agriculture.

Well, being the ambitious person that I am. And I'm one that wants the class that will be education, fun, and an easy grade. So what did I choose, out of all the classes that were available to me...

Floral Arranging. That's right, I learned how to arrange flowers to make them pretty. Don't worry, there were actual lessons with the history of certain styles of floral arranging, types of flowers, and other very important floral arranging type stuff.

Well, for the final of Advanced Floral Arranging (that's right, not only did I take Beginningers , but also Advanced) we had to design, arrange, budget, and layout a table scape for a particular event type. I don't remember what I was assigned, but this is what I did! (insert ohhhhs and awwwws here.)
I know, it's gorgeous! I did a fantastic job!

You know what else I took for an ag elective?

Beginning Rodeo.

'nuff said!

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