Sunday, July 20, 2008

GodSpeaks Devotional

Want to talk?

I will answer him because I am merciful.
-Exodus 22:27

Many people see God as a stern judge, just waiting to pounce on those who break His laws. Others see Him as the supreme power of the universe, distant and remote, uninvolved in their lives. But there are also those who enjoy a loving, open relationship with their heavenly Father.

How we perceive God has a direct impact on how we pray. If we see God as a stern judge, we may not be brave enough to speak to Him at all. If we see Him as distant and remote, we may dismiss Him from our lives completely. However, if we see God as our loving, generous, heavenly Father, we are likely to talk to Him about everything.

How do you see God? The Bible says that He is filled with compassion toward us and is ready to hear us when we call out to Him for help. Yes, one day He will be the great judge of all the earth. But you have been invited to know Him first as Father and friend.

God has made an eternal commitment to love and nuture you. At great personal cost, He has opened the lines of communication so that you can speak to Him without fear. He has promised to hear every word. What are you waiting for?

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