Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Love Rock 'n Roll

This is me. Sitting between the driver seat and the passenger seat of our old motorhome. It's actually not our motorhome anymore. In fact, it's probably not anyone's motorhome anymore, it's very old.

Like the gigantic headphones? Looks like I should be a DJ at some ritzy fancy club, huh?

What do you think I was rockin' out to? Let's see, I'm guessing that it was 1984/85ish.

I'll tell you something that was rockin'. When that motorhome would over heat or have problems, that middle part that I was sitting on had to come off to make the repairs to the engine. That was never fun. The whole inside of the motorhome would warm up real quick.

We took many a trips in that big house on wheels. Mainly they involved a sail boat and a lake or the Monterey Bay. This may even be the motorhome that lost it's brakes on the way down a hill from Yosemite. Or maybe it was Huntington Lake. Fact of the matter is/was, we were speeding down a mountain without brake power. I'm not even kidding, we were rubbing against the side of the hill trying to slow down.

Why were we going down hill without breaks you ask? Because Paige, bless her little accident prone heart, at 9/10 months old was walking and followed my mom out the motorhome while she was delivering lunch to my dad. Well, Paige's poor forehead came in contact with a piece of metal and needed stitches, badly. Hospital A was 45 minutes away, Hospital B was 10 minutes downhill away. Guess which way Dad chose.

So Mom, Dad, Chris, Paige, 2 babysitters, and myself were on our knees (not Mom and Paige, Mom was putting pressure on the boo-boo), we were on our knees praying

But I had fun. At least what I remember of that era of my life I had fun.

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Beauty to Unveil said...

A lot of good those two babysitters did. Weren't they supposed to be keeping an eye on me?