Saturday, July 26, 2008

Houston, we have contact!

Guess what.........!

He made it to drinks after work today. Finally! I got to Wellington's about 5:10, after leaving work early so I could go home and "freshen up" and change. Jacob was already there when I got there, I actually parked right next to him. Yes, I know what he drives. Does that make me a stalker? He said he had just gotten there himself. And it was just the two of us for about 20-30 minutes. I was extremely nervous for first 15 minutes or so. Like so nervous that I sipped out of my drink from the table because I was afraid that I'd spill it all over my from shaking so much.

Eventually I got over it.

And it was going well. Quite well I thought. We talked about random stuff. He's from New York, I visited that same area he grew up in last December. He went to Cornell for his undergrad, I visited the campus last December. He got lost hiking in Yosemite alone, I haven't been to Yosemite in about 3 or 4 years. We talked about work and what exactly he does vs. what exactly I do. Both of us work in a "feast or famine" environment.

Slowly people started showing up...drat... And just when I was thinking it was going to be just the two of us. Robert got there. By now I'm on to water because I just had two gin and tonics (heavy on the lime). Then Adlena and Beth showed up. More water for me. Tamara finally got her butt there. We ordered dinner. We all talked more. We tried to bring Jacob into the conversations. Things were going good. Jacob thought up a project for me to help him with and a reason for me to travel to Dalhart.

I'm gonna work on making that happen.

I decided that I needed to get his picture into my phone. So I went around the table and took everyone's picture then got their number. Pretty sly, I know. I actually got two pictures of him. The second one he wanted to wave, then he did the double point thing. I didn't get that though, only the wave part. So, yes, in case you're wondering, I have his number.

Hai (my boss's boss) showed us about 9:30 and ordered us a round. And being that Wellington's finally got Tuaca, I had to order a Tuaca Bomb... the best! But I didn't bomb shoot it, I mixed it and sipped it.

About 6 sips. That's all there was.

Then another round from Hai, another G&T for me, heavy on the limes. We moved to the couch/loungey area. Hung there for a little bit, then people started to split. I still had to close out my tab, and Jacob beelined it to the door. So I hollered a good bye, see you Monday.

Now! I have a dilemma! So I have his number. Do I, or don't I, text him tomorrow and just tell him that I had fun and that I hope he did too. Do I say something about call me if he wants to hang out? Or do I just leave it until Monday and send him an e-mail from work?

I will say this. Today he had a meeting with Rylen at her desk, which is the cubicle next to mine. I was at my desk when he got there for their meeting, but I was in my boss's office with the door closed when their meeting was over. Apparently when he stepped out and saw that I was gone he did a quick look around like, "where did she go?" All according to Rylen.

Please help! How should I proceed?


Krista said...

You did seem a little nervous and he seemed really quiet. I'm sure that will pass soon. I'm glad you were able to hang out. Next time you'll have to introduce us! :) That was so random that you were there when Danae, Treva and I got there. We had Tuaca bombs too! They were delicious!!!

Courtney said...

I wasn't nervous at all. I did feel a bit awkward relaxing with my work friends and then other friends showed up and kept looking at me. Maybe next time you'll get introduced. But again, work...friends... maybe don't mix.

Tuaca bombs rule! Glad you liked it.