Monday, July 21, 2008

I am a runner.

Believe it or not, I've run a in a couple event. The first being the Pumpkin something something run in Atwater. I was 4.

Can't you tell from the picture that I'm a natural runner? Yea, I know, the pictures isn't of me actually running, but can't you just tell.Ever since then, I just known that I was destined to run.

And I did, in high school I was on the Cross Country team my sophomore year. I hated it. Maybe it because we ran along a canal bank, past a dairy and corn fields. And in the fall there are a lot of mosquitoes and bugs. Yea, that's why I hated it.

Even though I'm destined to be a great runner, do I run? Um, no. Takes too much time. Get too sweaty. My legs jiggle too much (ha, maybe from the lack of running). But everyday I think to myself, "Self, today you're going to go running after work." Then after work comes, and I think to myself, "Self, it's 179 degrees outside. You can't run, you'll over heat and die." So I haven't run.

Then I have friends that go off and run in a marathon. And I think to myself, "Self, you could never run in a marathon. Your legs are too short. But you could run a 5k or 7k." But I have yet to sign up for one. I must condition first, right.

And I think to myself that I could be that skinny hot thing running with her dogs all effortlessly like it's a piece of cake to run for miles and miles looking fantastic with 2 great dogs. Then I remember that my dogs would be running me, not me running them. I'd the the one out there with her arm being pulled off because her dogs run so hard.

And then. And then I look at this picture.
And I remember that my mom carried me through most of the race.

Guess I really need to start running. Or attempting to run. Or thinking more about running.

How about I just start jogging?

Does jogging with the Wii Fit count?

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Anonymous said...

That's right I carried you over half the race. And you got the trophy not I.Mom