Friday, July 11, 2008

Is that who I think it is?

Who watches "The Hills"? You know, the MTV "reality" drama show about a bunch of spoiled kids that live in Southern California? Who here knows how Heidi Montag is? She's the idiot that is dating, then not dating, then dating again the jackass Spencer Pratt.

Well, is it just me, or does the girl in the photo below look like Heidi?

Sorry to break it to you, but it's not. In fact, this picture was taken way long before Heidi because the phony person that she is today.

Who is that Heidi look alike you ask? That is Colleen. My brother's fantastic girlfriend. This picture was taken either in 2002 when Chris graduated or 2003 when Colleen graduated from high school. You see, that picture my friend is a senior picture. Very posed and playful.

Colleen is a wonderful person who is fun and vivacious. She loves life, loves to help people, fun to be around, and always happy. Well, talk about her more some other day.

So, no, that is not the ice princess. It's just wonderful Colleen.

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