Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Everytime I think, this is going to be the week that I delete my myspace account, something holds me back. Whether it be people sending me invites, or comments, or old friends wanting to "be friends", or what have nots. And I'm a sucker and stick around for those little bits of love.

While I'm on the topic, what's with using myspace for invites all of the sudden? If I didn't have a myspace would I be remembered to be invited? What happened to something more like evites or invitations or, heck, text messages?

Please take note, I only ever go on to myspace if someone sends me a comment, message, request, etc. I'd prefer if people would just come see my blog to know what's going on in my life. This is what I update on a regular basis. Or maybe you haven't noticed I still have Christmas stuff on my myspace.

Why can I not just be done with the darn website? I know, I know. I could be if I just do the dirty and hit delete.

And now there is this pet application. You can buy friends from other people. I have a value. I have a value. See you can put a price tag on people, well, not really. And I'm the ninconpoop that decided it would be cool to participate in this whole buying people/pets thing. So now I'm slightly sucked into that.

I do admit though, I'm guilty of the stalking. Once every couple months I think... hmmm, wonder what kinda trashy girls my ex has pictures of on his myspace these days. And then I find out that even though he is now living in Antioch, there is a picture or two of him while he's at Wellington's. EEK! I go to Wellington's. Well, sometimes.

I just gotta quit. One day, I'll delete my myspace. And people will be like, hmmm... wonder why I only have a top 119 friends not 120 like I did yesterday... And then after sometime when they decide to look at my myspace to stalk me or see what's going on in my life they'll realize I'm gone. Maybe that'll force an e-mail out of people. Or a phone call. Or a snail mail letter...

Or not...

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Allie said...

I went without it for quite awhile. Now mine is the minimalist page. Which is much easier.