Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They Strike Again!

You would think that word would have gotten around to all the possums in the area that my backyard is not the place to hang out. But...apparently not.

Just 15 minutes ago I was sitting here on my computer minding my own business...researching a DSLR, clearing out my e-mail, downloading some songs, checking out okcupid.com. You know, the usual. The girls were outside where they always are, I think they're hopeful that something exciting will happen again back there.

Well, tonight something exciting did happened. They started barking and yipping, and sounded like something exciting. I've been around this block before. Flip-flops on, check! Flashlight in hand, check. Alright, time to go investigate.

Sure enough (dang, I should have snapped a picture, I would have had time), there was a possum, another young one, draped over the fence, tail side in my yard. The dogs were just half the height of the fence and bouncing off. If they were smart, well, they're not smart so I won't even go there. But! Another stinkin' possum.

So, I took my time being as it seemed the dang thing wasn't in too much danger unless if fell off backwards. I came inside, called my mom. She and my dad wondered what they were supposed to do about it. Hello, gun! At least the pellet gun! Mom came over "to help me get the girls inside", I think she really just wanted to see the nasty thing. I got Riley inside just as she got here. Mom got Izzie inside.

So what do with the thing now? Ok, make it fall on the other side of the fence. Not possible with the way it's claws were dug into the fence. So I found a longish stick and nudged it over. And you know what, it had the nerve to look me in the eyes and hiss. Bastard! Stupid thing got back to it's "climbing along the fence" position.

I gave up. No one was going to help me destroy the vermin. So I came inside. I could kinda see it through the window. It finally walked it's way down the fence line to where it could climb on top of my backyard neighbor's wood shed cover.

At least it's out of my backyard. For now.

Next time, I ain't playing so nice. It's WAR!

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