Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time well spent

How did I spend my weekend you wonder. Well, I spent Friday night up at the lake with my parents, brother, and Colleen. Oh, and Monty. Saturday Chris, Colleen, and I came home in the afternoon. I cleaned up my door/desktop and moved it into the house and set up my desk. Paige and Coleman came home. We made dinner. Then the four of them went to play games while I watched a movie and sorted a stack of papers. Around 12ish, being I went to bed at 12 then read until I got tired, I went to bed. And it is there that I stayed until about 11am. That's right folks, I got about 10ish hours of glorious sleep that was much needed. And then, after having a bowl of cereal, I walked across the street to veg at my parent's house with my brother. And on the couch I stayed until about 9pm. That's about the time that the Hilmar fireworks started to go off, which I can hear and see from my parent's, which also set the dogs off. Scaring two into hiding and setting two into a barking tissy. And now I am home, watch yet another movie. I need to blow dry my hair, and call it a night.

So much for painting my table. Shot that to heck while I vegged on the couch.

How was your weekend?

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