Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where Did My Heart Go Missing...

Wednesday of the Merced County Fair the group Rooney played. Chris is a HUGE fan, as is Colleen and their friend Clinton, so we all piled in Colleen's car and drove down for a free concert. We love free concerts.

Katy, Colleen's sister also joined us. In fact, this Seasame Street wannabe kept following us, so we made her take a picture with him just so he'd leave us alone.

The concert. They were great! And we had good seats, 4th row from the front.
Katy, Chris, Colleen, and Clinton.

Hello Honey! Meet my current fiance, Michael from the Princess Dairies... Wait no, he just played Michael. Really he's Robert Schwartzman. Courtney Schwartzman, it has a ring to it! Robert is big into eye contact. When he signed his autography, his eyes met mine, and he knew it was all over from there... And you can't see it, but his arm is around my waist...

Remember the Footsie Wootsies. We did them again. Chris and I were the only ones that knew what they were. So we introduced Clinton, Collee, and Katy to them.

Clinton fell in love. Look at that face. You'd think there was something else going on, wouldn't you?

And so ended our evening at the fair.

I've go start planning Robert and my wedding.

And I've really gotta find me a Footsie Wootsie!

PS: I tried to upload a video clip of one of their sets, but it failed... sorry...

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