Monday, August 4, 2008

Phew! I'm exhausted!

Let me give you a little recap on how my weekend went...

Bowling. Carpooling from Turlock consisted of Jacob, Devon, and myself. I drove. And I now officially know where Jacob lives, at least what complex. And he officially has my number being as I had to call him to find out where he was when I got to his place.

Bowling was fun. Robert meet us up there since he lives in Modesto. I won the first game with a 184, my new all time high school and also the new achievement of getting a turkey. Go me! And then I pretty much sucked the rest of the night. Conversation was flowing nicely for the most part. Jacob bought the beer, such a gentleman. We bowled 3 games then moved to Vieria's just after Stacey showed up at the bowling alley. Had another couple drinks (no me, I was driving) then around 12am-ish decided it was time to get going. Some of us had to be up early for rafting the next morning. All in all, I think it went well. (sorry, no pictures to follow. kinda awkward to take pictures of 3 people bowling. next time I'll see what I can do.)

So I drove Devon and Jacob home, dropped them off, then met Stacey at the grocery store where we picked up lunch supplies for the next (current) day. Stayed up way to late prepping and chatting. Took a 3 hour "nap".

Rafting. Up early so we could pick up Devon and meet the rest of the group by 7:30am. Much too early for a Saturday morning. Got to Knight's Ferry just a little before 9am and we were in the boats about 20 minutes later. 56 degree water that early is just ungodly! Had good fun paddling the boat down the "rapids".

Enjoy the company, the scenary, the slow pace of the river, and even at one point the briskness of the water. (pictures to follow).

The fair was going to happen in the evening after rafting, but a 2 hour nap did instead.

Golfing. Chris and I decided that it would be fun to do some brother/sister bonding. So we did just that. At the golf course. We hit some little white balls around for about an hour and a half, not keeping score. It was warm. It was fun. I need practice. (pictures to follow)

And now, from either the rafting or the golfing, I have a sunburn on my scalp where my hair was parted. (pictures to follow).

And that was my very busy, very active weekend.

Is it Friday yet...?

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