Friday, November 14, 2008

False Alarm

So I had to take this little test...

JUST KIDDING!!! Wow, had you worried there for a minute didn't I?

The false alarm is this...

Yesterday I got a call from my mom telling me I got something in the mail from the Superior Court in Fresno. When you get something like that it's never good. It means grand jury. Like, trials that can last months. Not good. I'm thinking shoot, poop, crap! I just got summoned for jury duty in Merced County, which I petitioned for postponement being as I'll be in Alaska at the time. All that was flashing through my mind was... Alaska in 2 weeks, Dennis is supposed to come down at the end of December, and I'm going on a cruise at the end of January. (I know, sounds rough doesn't it?)

Mom told me where my mail was at their house, which she wasn't home to open to tell me what it said. And they had already left the house so she couldn't drop it off at my work.

Now what really are the odds of being called in for 2 different jury duties within 2 weeks of each other?

I'm panicked all day. Asking people if they've ever served on a grand jury, or know someone that has served. I'm imagining myself having to drive (or stay with Paige or my aunt) for months, while working away from the office as much as I could and going in on weekends. Even though jury duty is an excused absence from will and I'll get paid to miss, there is no that I could be gone from my job for that long. Panic! Freak out! Stress! Chew a finger nail off!

So after work I find the mail.

It's from the Superior Court of Merced County with a Merced address. Mom and dad just read Superior Court, not the rest.

So basically they were confirming my postponement. I have to report for my civic duty February 10, 2009.

Phew! Dodged that bullet!

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Teaseburger said...

LOL!!! My mom does that kind of stuff to me all the time too. Sheesh. I'm glad you aren't going to be the jury on a mass murder case!!! Good job.