Thursday, November 13, 2008

I heart Yapta!

Who here travels? Wants to travel? Wants to save money on airfare while traveling?


Some time ago I stumbled upon the website Yapta.

You see, what Yapta does is track airfare. So you can go in, put in your to and from, dates, etc. It'll find airfare for different airlines, for many combinations of departure and return times. Then you can click to "track it". OR, you can track tickets you already purchased.

Here's the cool thing, Yapta will let you know when prices have dropped for your flights per your confirmation code. Depending on the airline you bought your ticket from, yapta will tell you how much of a voucher or a credit you are eligible for, and how to redeem it.

Today, I received 3, that's right, 3 e-mails regarding my flight to Alaska in 2 weeks. The first e-mail told me the price dropped by $25, the second told me it was down $44 from what I bought it at, and the last one told me it was down $106. That's right, $106 dollars less. Well, I jumped on that one. So I went through the process, and Alaska Airlines will be e-mailing me a voucher for $125 (rounded up to the nearest $25).

How sweet is that?!? You know it'll be used!

And, from the new flight price, Yapta will continue to track it and let me know if it goes down any more. And if it does... that's right, another voucher could be coming my way!

I heart Yapta.


Kaitlin said...

WOW! That's awesome! Hopefully the price drops more before you leave.

Krista said...

Cool~ I'm going to have to use this too. What a great invention!!