Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Go Fresno! Go Reno! Go team go!
This past Friday I went to the University Nevada Reno vs. CSU Fresno football game. I had 2, no 3 reasons to go.

1. Visit Paige in Fresno...even though we sat in different sections.

2. See #10 of Reno play. #10 = Colin Kaepernick, brother of my friend/co-worker Devon, and son of the VP of Operations. #10 = starting quarterback that scored 2 touchdowns during the game.
3. See #85 of Fresno play. #85 = Bear Pascoe, brother-in-law to my (2nd) cousin, therefore a relative of mine. #85 = big guy that catches the ball and blocks the players.There was a crowd, all spread out, of people from Hilmar Cheese that went to the game to cheer on Turlock's Kaepernick. Face it, the game was closer than Reno, and warmer.
Devon, Chris, and I drove down early, kinda, so Chris could meet up with Paige and Coleman to get seats in the student section. (Somewhere in that picture (I think) by the aisle is Chris, Paige, and Coleman.)
The Wolf Pack beat the Bulldogs 41 to something 28, 31...I don't know. Devon was happy. So I was.
The night ended with the Montague's visiting the Cheesecake Factory for a very late dinner. Chris and I shared an appetizer and cheesecake. Chris then drove my car home while I slept.

At 1:30am I crawled out of the car and into bed.

Where I stayed for many hours.

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