Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving... the one day a year that a majority of my family gathers. And this year was no different. Sure, we were down a couple people, but there were still 1...2...5...8...9...16 of us!

People stand in the kitchen and visit. Mostly women, women congregate in the kitchen.
People sat in the patio and visited. There was a fire, therefore that's where the men were. (Notice Uncle Dave on the iPhone...)
And a few vegged in the living room to watch the game. By vegged I mean fully reclined and ready for a pre-turkey nap.
And sisters visited in the dining room, which is not where we dined.
But at one point, we all came together for a group photo.

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Kaitlin said...

I'm not judging or anything... but these are a little late... also I like the last.