Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cruisin' to Cabo - Day 1 & 2

As you all know, I went on a cruise recently. And if you didn't know, you probably noticed a lack of posts for about 5 days. So yes, I was on a cruise. A cruise to Cabo San Lucas from San Diego to celebrate my friend Stacey's, darn I say..., 30th birthday.

So we ("we" being Stacey, Denae, and I) took from from Hilmar around 10:30ish and headed south. Way far south... But don't worry, we had a full fledged command center equipped with Garmin ("Ok Garmin, got it!), the fuzz buster, and iPod hookups.
We made to San Diego about 7 hours later. We had time to check into the hotel and freshen up before heading to the airport to pick up Jenn. After we picked Jenn up we headed to dinner, which took some time and driving to decide what we wanted. But we were steered in the direction of Gordon Biersch where we also met up with a co-worker of Stacey's that lives in San Diego. Tina was so gracious to allow us to park our car at her condo complex AND drive us to the port AND pick us up.

Happy Birthday Stacey!
After a quick trip to Target, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest before our big embarkation (such a weird word).

Thursday morning we got up, got ready, got the car loaded, and had an early lunch at Corner Bakery Cafe before heading to the port to get on a massively large boat.
After checking in, and boarding the big boat and found our room.
After dropping our stuff we headed out on a walk. We had a massively large boat to explore and learn our way around. To conclude our tour we stopped at the buffet and had salad (I know, start off healthy right?). But we wondered what everyone was doing with their life vests. Were they that paranoid? If so, why even be on this thing. Oops, there's an emergency evacuation drill, those peeps were just prepared!
After the drill, the boat started moving. Stacey, Denae, and I just hung out outside while we left the San Diego Port, and we enjoyed the sunset.
After our sun down departure we headed back to our room to rest a bit and clean up before dinner. But we were ready early, so we enjoyed some liquor tasting. "This is only found in Europe and on the cruise." Bologna, I've seen it at BevMo for $25! Ha!
We had some dinner. We wondered a bit. We headed back to the room. Tonight's towel: a seal.
Around midnight Stacey and I headed up to the "Singles Mixer". It was, ah, interesting... Let's just say, we glowed in the dark. More on that later. After a quick walk through we headed back to the room when turned in for the night.

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