Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cruisin' to Cabo - Day 3

We had a busy day ahead of us! Starting with a detox seminar that Jenn and I attended. It was very informative. But I wasn't willing to fork out the money to have my toxin levels tested.
After detox, well, something was supposed to happen. Then something else. Then we ate salad. Oh, then it was Bar Mixology! Haha, perfect follow up to the detox!
Jenn and I won the Cosmo at the end. It was quite delicious! "Why did we stop drinking these? Because everyone else started to." Name that movie....
After bar mixology we decided against going to a few more of the scheduled things that we were contemplating attending. So we went back to our room to get ready for "Formal Night". I drank wine like a classy lady while getting ready. Like my "wine glass"?
While Jenn continued to get ready, Denae, Stacey and I headed up to the "Captain's Reception". Along the way we took some pictures at the set up booth thingies. (I'll post those later) The great thing about the reception was that the beverages were free! And there were appetizers.
One of my entirely too strong drinks, a Manhattan I think, came with a cherry. I was bound and determined to tie the stem into a knot in my mouth. Which I can do, but not with little dinky stems like the one I was working with. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful.
"Formal Night" is the only night the boat offers lobster on the menu. I'm not a huge fan, but Stacey is.
After dinner we hung out with our table mates, Lisa and Kevin, and watched one of the dance shows on-board. It was, ah, interesting to say the least. But here we are enjoying our front row balcony seats.
And our folded towel for the night, a dog.
We think...

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Denae said...

Name that movie...Sex and the City. And your drink came with a cherry and a quick dip of my tongue! LOL