Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Mumblings

I'm SOOOOO tired! We didn't get home last night from the concert until 12:30am. So by the time I got Riley, got home and ready for bed it was closer to 1am. Eek! I'll be paying for this one for awhile.
I just viewed my blog in regular blog format. You know, how you great people see it every day. I was just happened to skim my little bio blurp on the side. I need to update it. I don't have 2 dogs anymore. :(
My jacket smells like In-N-Out. We stopped there to have a late dinner last night. Gotta wash it tonight.
I love Monday mornings when I go to my blogger dashboard and see ALL the new posts from the people I follow. I love knowing that it'll take me half the morning to go through them all. While I'm working at work mind you...
Eek! I just felt an earthquake. Just a little tremor (that word looks really funny and wrong to me right now) though. At first we, those of us that work upstairs, weren't sure if a semi just backed into the dock wrong (which happens every now and then) or if, well no if that was our only though. But someone looked it up and there was a 4.3 shake based out of Morgan Hill.
Nobody else that I've asked felt the "earthquake". Maybe it was a false alarm.
My tummy is grumbling. I did eat lunch though. But I have weight watchers in about 1 1/2 hours. I already fear this week. Last week I had a great lose of 3 pounds, but I'm afraid that I've gained 2 of that back. Only time will tell... I guess I'll just have some water for now.
Weight Watchers - check! We're not gonna talk about it...
Bible Study - check! Praise God for He is good! Amen!
Grocery shopping done for tomorrow - check! I haven't been to Food Maxx in a long time. Not a bad place for the basic grocery needs. Will have to make mental note to go more often.
It's officially 11:21pm. I'm tired. It's time for bed. Shower now or get up a bit earlier...? Ew, ee, oh, poop. I'll get up earlier.


Treva said...

So you guys went to In-N-Out huh?? We made it to a Taco Bell/Long Johns. Wasnt too good. Missed the earthquake. Guess thats what you get for sleeping in!!

Kaitlin said...

A few friends on facebook said theat they felt it... so no its not just you... OH! and Mom told me that I get to drive her car ALL week long! :)

M, A and C too! said...

How was the concert??? We drove by the savemart center on Saturday and thought that we would be missing something pretty great! :-(
I love Jeremy Camp's concerts- was he as awesome as always?

And nope, I didn't feel the tremor in Turlock- maybe your location was just right???

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

wow - did you really feel an earthquake tremor? So scary!!