Friday, April 10, 2009

Keeping in touch from Hilmar to Anchorage

How does one keep in contact with someone else far, far away? Texting, lots and lots of texting, that was how we stayed in contact during the day. In the evening we would talk on the phone. Sometimes our calls were in little 5 minute increments, sometimes they were much much longer. Most the time they were longer. The relationship lasted long enough for us to each travel and visit each other once. Fortunately, shortly after we "met" online his employer sent him to San Francisco for some meetings and training; so he was able to extend his trip and come to the valley to visit me.

Although we're no longer in a romantic relationship we still talk and communicate, just not as frequently as before. Texting is the primary method, with the occasional call.

Thank goodness for modern technology. I couldn't even image if I were living in the 50's where letters and shared phone lines were the primary methods of communication.

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