Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 Types of Women that Men Avoid

Oh dang! Am I one of these loonies? Coleman read the title of the article on my computer and said that it's easy. The kind of women that men avoid are the crazy, crazy, and more crazy.

As I'm on this pursuit of finding my Mr. Right, I stumble across articles that I think might be helpful. And well, to be quite honest I want to know if I'm one of the types of women that men avoid.

Eek! What if I am?

So let's find out these types, shall we...

The Flirty-Bird - Basically this gal is great! At first... then it becomes apparent that she suffers from low self-esteem and gets the bulk of her confidence from flirting. And she flirts with everyone! Her boss, random people, the guy's brother...everyone. The guy will probably realize that it's too hard to get her to give him the time needed to date.

The Commitment-Phile - Girls, note to self, don't start talking about your wedding and the future you're going to have with your dude until after a few dates. Ok, more like many months of dating. The quickest way to scare a guy off is to talk about your future together, or not together, either way it's all planned out.

The Cling-On - No, she's not a trekker. The guy is her everything in terms of a social life. Wanting to know where her guy is always, calls him numerous times a day, relying on him for her entertainment. Girls, you're gonna drain your guy of all his energy by being clingy.

The Party Girl - Can this gal have fun without alcohol? Or without being the social butterfly at every party? If your entire life is a party you may want to re-evaluate.

The Windbag - Basically, this one talks to much. About herself. Never about her date. Shut up for once and ask questions drawing him in. For Miss Chatty Cathy there is no such thing as a two sided conversation. Silence is golden...

So there you have it!

I would say if I had to categorize myself, I'm a minor case of cling-on (like, really minnute) and a silent (it's all planned out in my head) commitment-phile.

So, what would you say you are?


Teaseburger said...

I've noticed that no one has commented on what category they put themselves in. That is just not nice. You put yourself out there and get nothing in return. I'm here for you friend.

Courtney said...

And I noticed that you didn't put yourself into a category either friend...