Friday, June 12, 2009

My Blog 10 Commandments

Dangit! Tagged again!

So here's the low down... For this one you are supposed to write 10 blog commandments for your blog. The definition of a commandment for this tag is not biblical but just 10 things that you live by...non spiritual...everyday stupid life things. Like... I believe scented detergent is for morons...those type of things (I have no opinion on scented detergent, this is just the tag I picked). Also, as these are just opinions for YOUR blog these rules don't apply to anyone else's blog so reader's don't be offended and posters don't hold back.

Then you tag some ONE person to do it. I'm gonna break the rules and pick two people. So I tag Danae (on summer break and has time!) and Treva (gainfully unemployed with time).
  1. Pictures - I'm a visual person. And I like pictures. Too many words without pictures and I get bored. Plus, I just love pictures.
  2. My blog = my voice - This little corner of the internet is my place to say whatever I want to say. Be it good, bad, or ugly. So I may say something that you don't like or agree with. Fair enough. I may say something offensive. But sometimes I've just gotta vent or voice my opinion.
  3. Consistency - Consistently follow a theme (cooking, kids, travel, etc.) or consistently be inconsistent. That's my approach, inconsistent and random.
  4. Update - Whether it's daily (of multiple times a day), weekly, or whenever, just keep your readers up-to-date. If it's been awhile, or it will be awhile, just let people know that you're still alive.
  5. Share the Love - If you find an article, website, tip or whatever that you find is interesting, share it! But don't fill you blog with just that...unless you're consistent and it's your blogging topic/focus. Oh, and give credit where credit is due whether it be by a link or a sited source.
  6. Make it fun! - Or funny. I like to laugh. I like making others laugh. I like when I can display my humor in a visual/verbal way in my blog.
  7. Crude is rude - I try to watch my language in all areas of my life. Sometimes I fail, but I sure try. I'm not a fan of blogs that drop the f*bomb every other word or always make lewd comments.
  8. Develop a schedule - If you're gonna do something like "Wordless Wednesday" whatever it may be, keep up with it.
  9. Comments - I love getting comments. It means a) people are reading, b) people like what they're reading, and therefore c) people like me! Great logic isn't it?
  10. Have fun with it! - That's what blogs are all about, right? Having fun? I think so. Sure, there are serious ones out there that get all deep and philosophical or political, but maybe that's fun to them.

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