Saturday, July 25, 2009

Florida Bound

Ok, so here's the deal.

Most of you already know that I'm going to Florida in September. Some of you may not though. So here's the story for all.

Back story...
When Dennis and I were dating I decided to get an Alaska Air credit card to earn miles to fly back and forth visiting. Just signing up I got 25,000 miles, but in addition I'd also get an annual companion ticket. Anyone can fly with me on the same itinerary for $50. As of last fall the plan was to use that companion ticket and go to Florida with his kids to visit (and meet) his parents.

Fast foward to now...
About 2 months ago while D and I were talking on the phone I threw out there that he should use the companion ticket with his kids since I have no plan to use it. He declined saying that it's too expensive to travel with them, yada yada yada. He told me to use it, go somewhere with a friend or family. I told him that everyone that would want to go can't afford it. So we're at a stall mate. He threw out there, well, would you want to go somewhere together.

(Please note, we're not dating again. We're friends.)

Hummm...well, I definitely wouldn't mind traveling. And it would be nice to see him again. This is honestly what I thought to myself, I'll say yes and not push it. Let's see if he brings it back up. Well later that night, he did. And he was excited! So I started getting excited.

But now we had to decide where to go. I told him that one of my life goals is to visit every state at least once, so I'd prefer to go to one I haven't been to yet but I'd be fine going where ever.

We settled on Florida. Why Florida you ask? Well, financial reason primarily. Dennis' parents and sister live in Orlando, so we'll stay with either of them. His mom hardly ever drives, so we'll borrow her car. And well, full access to a kitchen to be able to make a lot of our own meals. Score on the deal! It'll be good also for him to see his family.

And I was told that of all his friends he's most honored to introduce me to them; that he 100% respects me. Great, now I have a reputation to live up to!

So after some time of nailing plans down with his parents and making sure we both got the time off approved, we booked the tickets.

It's official. September 3-13 I'll be traveling to/from Florida. Actually, I'll be flying to Seattle on the 2nd on the latest flight out of Sacramento and staying the night at a nearby hotel. Dennis will fly into Seattle around 6:30am on the 3rd (used miles for his round trip flight from Anchorage to Seattle), and together we'll be flying to Orlando at 8:45am. The earliest I could get to SEA on the 3rd was 8:52am, which would mean that we'd miss the first flight out (the next one to Orlando doesn't leave until 1:30pm). We're flying extremely cheap, which just makes it that much better.

So we have big plans of places to go while we're there. And I'm hoping we can take a side trip down to Key West, stay the night, and hit the everglades on the way back to Orlando.

That's the plan. That's how it came to be. That's what's going to happen.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? A little. But I'm going with no expectations.

Please pray for me leading up to and while I'll be traveling. Not only for travel mercies, but also to keep my heart guarded and that God will be the center of the friendship.

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Treva said...

Wow! That is great! I want to go traveling. Guess that will come when I get a job someday too!