Saturday, July 25, 2009

A SoCal Visit...Tuesday/Wednesday

Finally! A vacation!

So sure, I went on a cruise already this year. But it was all the way back in January. This one was a long over due and much needed getaway.

Being as I knew my cousin was getting married in Claremont, I decided to extend my day off and make my drive over the grapevine worth it. So I bummed a room from my old college roomie and stayed with her family for 4 nights.

So Tuesday around 3pm I left work, went home, loaded up, said goodbye, kissed my dog, and drove away. This was the part I was not looking forward to, a 6-7 hour drive down 99 through country nothingness alone. To bad, I ah, was a bad girl and twittered every so often. Had to keep my peeps up to speed.

Get it. Speed.

That I did not. Much. I kept cruise control cruisin' between 70-75. Honest. Ok, maybe I hit 80 once or twice.

Anywhosel. After one stop in Bakersfield where I met up with mom and dad as we passed on the freeway to have a quick burger (like 20 minute stop tops!), I was back on the road. After getting through the grapevine I got the go ahead that the 405 was clear of traffic. So that's the way I went. I'll admit, I was a little panicked. It's not everyday I drive in big cities with vehicles passing me.

I arrived at my destination, Rancho Santa Margarita, just shy of 9:45pm. Before even unloading my car Melissa and I went on a quick brisk walk around the neighborhood. That's exactly what I needed too. Walk off the cramped muscle tightness. So good!

Unloaded. Chit chatted with Mark briefly, but he was working. Chilled on the couch. Went to bed.
End of Tuesday.

See, now, I made the mistake of telling Macie on the phone the day before giving her permission to jump on my bed to wake me up. Luckily, it didn't get that far, mainly because I heard her whispering outside my door around 8am. So I got up. Meet the flirty little William, had some breakfast and chilled while the little tyke took a nap.

It was hot. We wanted to be in that water. So to the "Beach Club" we went! The "beach club" is a community pool. By pool I mean, chlorinated, filtered water. By beach I mean there was sand like a at beach. Standing up in the deepest spot was about up to my thighs. So perfect for the kiddies.

Macie eating lunch.
William just had lunch.
Every hour there is a mandatory 10 minute break. Macie was anxious to get back in the water. Did I mention it was hot outside?
After William got showered and cleaned up Melissa went in the water for some special Mommy and Macie time. I had the privilege of introducing William to the art of self photos.And then it was time to clean Macie up and head home.
We stopped at a grocery store first to get a few more supplies for dinner. Yum!

Melissa made margaritas. YUM! We ate way too much chips and guac. We fed the kids. We took a walk to wear them out. Then we put them to bed before having some more margaritas. Then Melissa made tacos for dinner. Yum!

We kicked back. Watched some boob-tube, chit chatted and visited. Facebooked. Laughed. Reminisced. And went to bed.

End of day 1.

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