Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Blogiversary!

3 years ago today I started this craziness.

Why?  By golly, I don't know.  To share pictures, to tell stories, to voice an opinion, etc.  I've enjoyed it.  All of it, even the "emo" moments I've had and the sharing/pouring my heart out word-vomit posts I've done.  I think I've grown from and through things just by having someplace not on paper to take what's running through my brain and getting it out there.

I hope you've enjoyed it too.

In honor of today being my blogiversary I'm doing a giveaway.  (bear with me, I've never done a give away before)

What am I giving away you ask?  Well, I'll be giving one lucky person a jar of the world famous Santa Maria seasoning, made with love by my mommy.  (Mom, I'm gonna need a bottle of Santa Maria.)  Santa Maria is pretty much the most versatile seasoning you'll ever need.  Sprinkle it on beef, chicken, veggies, eggs, pork, fish, etc.  You get the picture, it can go on everything!

Here's what to do.  Leave me a comment telling me your favorite post of mine from the last 3 years, a story/memory that involves me, or just something downright random.  The comment must be left here, on the blog, not on facebook.  You have until Friday the 29th at 6pm Pacific time to enter.  Over the weekend I'll draw a name and we'll go from there.   Sound easy enough?

Ready set go!

And today, I finally get to go meet my bff's brand new twin girls, Carson and Harper.  (because waiting 4 days since their birth is just way too long!  I'm so excited!!!  Stay tuned for pictures of my "nieces"!

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M, A and C too! said...

Me, personally... i love your updates on life! I love getting to read about what's been going on with you and how God has been working through your life!

I also love your scenery photos- you're SO good at those and I love getting to see where you've been :)

But most of all, I love that your blog (&mine) have reconnected us!