Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Katie Turned 25

December 28th was my buddy, Katie's birthday.  Her 25th birthday to be exact.  I won't tell you how much younger she is than me.  But here's a hint, she just had a mini landmark birthday and I'll be having a mini landmark birthday.  Please, don't guess though!  Don't say it out loud, it makes it true when you say it out loud and I don't want it to be true.  So, I'm staying in denial.

So, as I'm flipping back through my pictures to pick the ones to post, I've noticed that I didn't get any of the birthday girl!  At least, no good ones.  I fail!  Enjoy them anyways.

People talking.  Hello Katie's side back...
George and Devon.
Cake time!  Nobody thought to get candles though.  So matches were used instead.  (cool slow shutter with light effect)
Match candles = big fire on cake!
And not even all of them were lit.
Me.  And a giant glass for wine.  I swear you can fit about half a bottle in there.  Although, I did not test that theory.
Peter and Lauren even joined us from Jerusalem via skype!  Most of us haven't "talked" to them since they left last July.  It was so good to hear some of their stories.  Lauren is one of the most animated, expressive people ever!
Mitch waving good-bye to Peter & Lauren.
By the time we submerged from the "skype room", most of the people had left the party.  So the few of us left talked for a few more minutes then all headed out too.  I swear, it was 10pm one minute, then the next time I looked it was 1am.  Oops...

Happy Birthday Katie!  Let's do it again next year!

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