Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Showering the Babies

Any day now, my little niece(s)/nephew(s) (whatever combination they may be) are due to be born.  Rylen will be officially at multiple full-term on the 8th.  And I am so excited for their arrival.  1) Then we'll know what they are.  2) So I can spoil them rotten.  3)  'Cause I looooove babies!  During November/early December, Rylen had 4, yes, 4 baby showers.  Double the babies = double the parties = double the need for gifts.  I went to 3 out of 4 and took pictures at 2 out of 3, so that's what I'm going to share with you.

Shower #1 - Work Shower - Mid-November
Ready to open presents?!?

 2 little sweaters from me.  One boy/gender neutral and one definitely a little more girly.

The cake... "Look Out World, Here We Come!"

Rylen, please don't kill me...  Look at her little belly.  Makes you wanna rub it doesn't it?

 Group photo!

Shower #2 - Late November


Show stealer...

BFFs.  I won't tell you what I told her when we were taking this picture.  Hint though, it's about placement of parts of our anatomy...  'Nuff said!

Rylen is doing so great with her pregnancy!  I'm impressed and inspired!  I do know though, I'm not nearly as anxious as she and Jim are for the arrival of these two!

(Oh, and my gift at the 2nd shower is taking pictures of the babies each month of their first year as well as their 1st birthday).  Although, I'm sure picture taking won't stop there.  :)

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Ahlem Family said...

You're an incredible friend and support of Rylen. I know how much your friendship means to her. I'm so sad neither of us got pictures at the shower I threw. It was so awful of me. I can't wait to meet them either!!