Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

It's that time of the week again...
  1. Are there any movies that inspire you to bake/cook?
    Inspire, yes.  Movies like Julie & Julia, and...  umm... Ok, so that's the most recent and front of my brain movie I can think of.
  2. What's your favorite food blog and why?
    Ready for a list?
    The Pioneer Woman - 'cause a little more butter never hurt anyone.
    Bakerella - Cakes, pies, and pastries oh my!
    How Sweet It Is - Good, simple recipes
    CakeSpy - baked goods galore, plus bakery reviews from across the nation
    Tasty Kitchen - Technically not a blog, so there are so many good recipes there
    A Pinch, a Dash, and a Splash - my own little food/recipe blog (shameless plug, go check it out)
  3. Who's your favorite celebrity chef?
    I'm a huge fan of Sandra Lee (semi-homemade).  Mainly because they're easy recipes.  And I like Ina Garten, Rachel Ray, ummm...  I'd say Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) is a celebrity now with her published top seller cookbook and all.
  4. What's your favorite kitchen tool?
    Garlic chopper/mincer.  KitchenAid.  I'm trying to think what I use most frequently...
  5. When it comes to cooking/baking, what's your speciality?
    Baking period.  I'm much more comfortable with cookies, cakes, etc.  I do fairly well at just about everything I attempt though.  Key word, fairly.
  6. When in the kitchen, do you wear an apron, if so, any cute ones you'd like to share?
    No, but only because I don't have an apron.  :(  I really need one though.  Soon enough I'll get one for myself.
  7. Is there anything that intimidates you when it comes to baking/cooking?  (ie. pie crust, yeast breads, sauces, etc...)
    Yeast breads for shizel!  And recipes with more than 9 ingredients.  I tend to skip over those often.
  8. What's the weirdest gadget in your kitchen?
    Ummmm...hummmm...nothing weird that I can think of.
  9. What's your go-to music for cooking/baking?
    I generally just turn iTunes on suffle and let it pick out my music for me.  I'm odd like that, I don't often "crave" a certain type of music.
  10. After several failures, what do you do to motivate yourself to get back in the kitchen to try again?
    Haha!  I'll make excuses, like, "well, I tried to make it healthier by substituting ingredients.  guess that didn't work.", then I try again making adjustments (or following the original recipe).  I won't let the kitchen beat me at my own game.  Kinda like it Julie & Julia, Julie had to successfully make a recipe to complete it.


Chelsea said...

You've listed some food blogs I haven't heard of. Yay!

I love my garlic mincer too.

talklesssaymore said...

My issue with garlic presses is that everything gets stuck and I feel like I'm wasting garlic. Do you have a different type of mincer? If not, what's the trick to making them work right?

Angela said...

Garlic mincers are amazing!

Courtney said...

My little mincer/chopper is from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's wonderful! It has little blades in it that chop up the garlic. Here's a link... http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=14826793. I don't bother with the kind that you squish the garlic clove and it sticks and hard to get out. Blah!