Monday, February 15, 2010

Hail Ball!

It's been a few weeks ago now.  I know so much for getting and staying caught up. 

A few weeks ago it rained.  Poured really.  (sorry the picture is quite blurry, but you get the idea, plus it was taken sans flash)
(picture with flash. it was just starting to hail)

Then it hailed. 
Hailed so much it was like a thin layer of big snow. 
Hobie.  Well, he loved the rain/hail/wanna be snow situation.  The other dogs...they hid from the cold/thunder/lightening/rain/hail/wanna be snow situation. (picture of my parent's deck)
 Now, if only I could figure out how to get the 150 consecutive pictures into a time lapse video of that dog...

And by the way, we found out that a free mute who turns how to be semi high maintenance must be hand dried and brushed everytime he gets wet (which happens to be on a daily basis because Hobie likes to get in the pool when it's 43 degrees outside) to prevent matting.  He just got a haircut, he looks like a different dog, but he's mat free.

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