Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help! Opinion/Thoughts Needed!

I have a problem.  It's not a big one.  It's not a small one.  It's an overwhelming one.  And I want to simplify!

Here's the thing.  I currently have 3 blogs.  That's right 3.  I have this on, Practicing Patience, as well as a receipe blog at A Pinch, A Dash, and A Splash and my photography blog, Courtney Ann Photography.  Ideally, I'd like to combine them all in some way.  I haven't played around too much, but I want it to be easier for my readers (Hi Reader!) to keep up with me and not have to click around to 3 different pages. 

So here's where I need your help, do you prefer a) links on the side to click and take you to the different blogs, b) tabs at the top to take you (a la P-Dub style), or c) would you prefer that I just combine them all into one blog? 

Please comment your thoughts, opinion, or vote.  Thanks!!!


Jill said...

I like PW's blog design in that it looks snazzy and all, but personally I only read the one section. I never really click over to the others. I have no real suggestions. You could just mesh it all together and then if people don't want to read something, they can just skip over it? I don't know if that is really the solution you're looking for?

Danae said...

Your updates show up in my blog reader anyway, so I don't mind clicking around. But I guess I'd prefer tabs on top. If you figure out how to do that, let me know! haha

Mel said...

I really do not mind the clicking around either, but if you are going to change it the P-Dub style would probably be the easiest for you and the most "convienient" for your readers.