Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Impromptu Day Off

Yesterday, after the doctor's appointment I had in the morning, I decided I was going to take the day off.  I had thought about it a little towards the end of last week, but I actually pulled the trigger yesterday morning.  See, I was 30 minutes from work in a city I hardly ever go to.  So I decided that since I was there I was going to make the most of it.
  • I went to the doctor.  I do not like going to the doctor.
  • I got my car washed, which was much needed.  And then it rained.  I'm totally ok with that, because the inside of the car needed to be cleaned just as much as the outside.
  • I went to Victoria's Secret where I redeemed my free panty coupon and got a new bra.  TMI?  Sorry, it's the truth.
  • I perused H&M looking for cute clothes (which I found and did not buy) and looking for dresses the girls and I could wear to Chris' wedding.  I, ah, bought the twins cute matching outfits.
  • I walked thru Gap.  I was not impressed.
  • I walked thru Sephora where I had to restrain myself from getting anything.
  • I went to Trader Joes.  I bought yummy food stuff.
  • I went to Smart & Final where I needed to get my supplies for Bible Study later in the day.
  • I went home for an...egg salad sandwich!  YUM!  I love Easter!
  • I hung out with the twins and their mama.
  • I went to Save Mart to get a few extra supplies for Bible Study.
  • I did not make it to Weight Watchers because I was running behind.
  • I helped make and serve dinner to the Turlock Rescue Mission as an outreach with my Bible Study gals.  It was great!
  • Home.
  • Movie.
  • Bed
What was great was that I did things at my own pace.  I never go to the mall in the middle of the day on a week day.  It's always after work (rushed!) or on the weekend (crowded!).  So it was nice to leisurely walk around and look.  It was nice to call in "ditch" work for the day.  Man I wish I could do that more often.

Does that mean I got to sleep in?  No.  Does that mean that I went to bed earlier?  No.  But I feel better anyways.  Makes me wonder if I could get away with working 4 10s then having a 3 day weekend...

Hummm...  Gonna have to look into that one...

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Treva said...

I am trying to get them to agree to 4 12's since we are working 6 days a week. That would be wonderful!