Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We're not keeping track of time right?  No one realizes that Easter was about 2 months ago.  So it's ok that I'm just now going to post about my Easter weekend/Sunday?  Yes it is, thankyouverymuch.

Saturday, per our family tradition, we dyed eggs.  That's right folks, no plastic candy filled eggs in the Montague household.  We only use use the read deal.  So then we can make egg salad after hunting the eggs.  Yep, you heard right again, we still hunt eggs.  At (then) 29 to 22 years of age, we hunt eggs.  I honestly think mom has just as much fun hiding them every year.
Paige and her beau Coleman.  The Easter bush, as we call it because it always is in bloom during the week of Easter.  And my little doghter.
Mom and Dad playing handbells at church.  Dad also played the trombone, but people were blocking him and I couldn't get a good picture.  Back in high school, I played handbells at church too.  Good times!  Oh, and there's me, partaking in the egg salad goodness...  I only really have egg salad sandwiches once a year, so you better believe I take advantage.
And that was Easter.  I didn't get all that many pictures, but what I did get will definitely keep the memories alive.  Egg dying - always a hoot to see what mess my brother will make (like the above picture).  Church - always a good thing for obvious reasons.  Hunting eggs - who doesn't like a friendly game of who can find the most eggs?  And of course spending time with family and loved ones. 

Hope you all had a great Easter too.  2 months ago...

*I'm going in order from my list of stuff I need to catch you up on.  Please bear with me.  I spent a lot of time over the 3 day weekend getting pictures edited and ready to be blogged about.  I'm organized now.  I have a list to prove it.  Maybe I'll go in order according to my list...  Either way, watch out, here come the blogs!


Beauty to Unveil said...

Maybe you and I only have egg salad once a year because we over-indulge in that week, and can't stand the smell/look of it the rest of the year? lol

Treva said...

And I thought my family was the one ones who have people in their 20's hunting eggs!