Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Table for One

The fact of life is that as you grow older you grow up. Growing older is inevitable, it’s gonna happen. But is growing up inevitable? Of course it is. And at some point being single becomes overwhelmingly obvious.

Maybe it's the fact that all your friends start getting married, and then they start a family. And then, all of your once single friends start doing "coupley things" with other coupley friends. Dinner, movies, outings. I admit, there were times in college that I would go to the movies by myself, mainly because I was generally the only one that wanted to see a certain movie or because I was bored and needed to get out. But as I get older going out and doing things by myself becomes painful. I feel like I have a giant arrow above my head, pointing down at me saying "She's single".

It's especially hard and, well, embarrassing when your own family starts to get on your case about being single, not dating, etc. What can I say? The "right one" just hasn't come around yet. But for crying out loud, back off! What happened to waiting on God's timing? Grandkids will come, I just can't promise that I'll be the first one in the family to have them. And what about when your friends offer to help set you up, but they never do. Good intentions I suppose.

But you know it's bad when your own mother's hairdresser even wants to set you up with someone. What's up with that? And you know it's really bad when people within your place of employment want to set you up with another employee. And since the "setter-upper" doesn't know you that well, he talks to your father about it one weekend when both are working. WOW! But since someone else had mentioned that same person to me, I told her. She's gonna see what she can do. ;)

Don't get me wrong. Set me up all you want. But don't expect "magic" to happen unless it's in God's plan for my life. I'll go on dates. I'll enjoy the company of someone of the opposite sex. And I'll go in with an open mind. There's not harm in that.

But for now, I'm happy. I'm happy with myself and who I am. I'm content. And that someone special in my life not being around isn't going to hinder my happiness. Sure, I get sad about it every now and then; but then I snap out of it, realize things in my life are as they should, and am back to happy. But don't get me wrong, I will be estatic when I someday have my soul mate in my life. Until then, I'll continue to be happy.

And feel free to continue setting me up. I'll consider it weeding and practice.

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