Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Has it really be that long?

Yea, I guess so. 2008 - 1998 = 10 years! Holy cow! Yesterday I received the all dreaded e-mail informing me that it’s time for our 10 year High School Class Reunion. The e-mail went a little like this…

Hey all,
After the first message went out, I received a lot of different feedback on dates. The majority of that feedback was to have the reunion later in the summer. So that's what we have done. The date of our reunion, barring any huge natural disaster, will be June 28, 2008. We need to book our location ASAP so if I could get some feedback right away that would be great. Double T (where we had our sober grad night) is one idea that has been thrown around. Does anyone have Adam A’s number so I could call and talk to him? Raju has also offered to let us use his place in Hilmar where he's done several very nice parties at. Other ideas have been Two Brothers (Turlock, CA) or possibly the Turlock Country Club. The facility is one of the biggest costs and setup/clean-up has to be considered at all these places. I would like as much input on this as I can so let me know your thoughts.

The other factor is cost. Last year, the class of '97 charged $50 per person. This cost covered facility, dinner, and dancing. Any drinks/cocktails were additional cost. Not everyone drinks, so they might like something like this, and others may not. Again, there are factors to consider, so all ideas are welcome.

Below is a list of people that I have contact information for: If you have contact information for people that are not on this list, please let me know. If you see a letter after their name, I am missing that corresponding information: (A - Address, E - Email, P - Phone).

I hope that everyone can make it. Please send me any questions that you have.



(I obviously left out the list of names; I don’t want to bore you with too much.)

Here’s the thing, I’m not so excited about this "monumental event." I didn’t have the most grand of high school experiences, and the people that I hung around with then I still see occasionally. Do I really want to participate in the parade of showing off spouses, photo albums of children, and who looks like what now? You probably would have never guessed it, but I wasn’t one of the “in” crowd while in high school; because I didn’t bath in money given to me by mommy and daddy, I didn’t get my nails done, I wasn’t a dairy kid or show dairy in FFA, and I wasn’t a partier/drinker (the regular weekend past time).

I think that I’m at a good place in my life. So what I’ve been living with my parents the last few years. The house that I’ve been working so hard on is so close to being done I can taste it and I’ll be moving into it before the end of the month. I’ve got a good job with a great company and make good money for a single person. I’m happy with myself and who I am. I have great friends. I’ve moved on and away from really caring about high school and the 4 years that I survived through.

But I have friends that are so excited about it. Why? I don’t know. Am I not excited because I have experienced other things in life beyond high school, like college, that brought better memories? Maybe it’s because I’ve gain a little bit of weight since graduating. Or maybe because I don’t have things/people to show off like others will with their family albums. Hummm...maybe I should bring pictures of my doggies...

All I know is this, if I’m going to the reunion, I’ve gotta drop 50 pounds quick. I’ll settle for 20 though.

Oh, and I’ve gotta find a date.
Wonder which will be easier, finding a date or losing the weight that I want/need to lose?

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