Thursday, May 22, 2008

And 2 became 1

On May 10th, 2 of my dear friends, Jenn and Anthony, married one another. And I was honored to stand with them in support of their wedding day and their marriage. So, please forgive me. Being a bridesmaid kinda takes away from the chances to actually take pictures of the day. So here is a selection of what I have. I may jump and borrow some pictures from a friend.

Getting ready to ride in style to take pictures out at "the college". Anthony was nice enough to not clean out his truck for us. That's ok though, my car acted as a temporary holding tank for all of the guy stuff.

In transit (notice the radio buttons in the background?), I decided to take some pictures of the bridemaid bouquets. They were very pretty with lilys, and roses, and other flowers.

Looking down the head table. If you squint, you'll see the wedding cake back there. And delicious it was!

Shout out to my homies, the little people out in the crowd! You can tell they were thrilled to be sitting out in the hot sun. Thanks for the seefood, and the one-fingered salute. Boy was I feeling the love! No really, it's ok. They were my entertainment for the afternoon.

The top of me.

The bottom of me. I must say, those shoes were comfortable when we picked them out. Then hot and sweat happened. They weren't so comfy anymore.

The departure. And bubbles, good for the environment. Better than rice that birds choke on.

To Jenn and Anthony! Congratulations on your beautiful day and all the best in the future.
(picture compliments of KMac)

I'll see what I can do for you as far as "borrowing" pictures from their photographer.

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